Leagues forming now

Wow --- here it is mid-August already; that means bowling starts soon!!!! The Mt Pleasant Bowling Association has 6 adult leagues and 2 youth leagues that will all be having sign ups for returning and want-to-join-in-the-fun new bowlers in the next week or so. Start up meetings and registration will be at the Alleys --- feel free to contact Suzan Harrison, Danny Wohlleber, Lillian Bloom, Carmen Smith Miyoshi or any other league bowler you may know if you have questions. Pin Pals - Ladies league, Tuesdays at 12:30 meeting 8/14 American - Open (men's) league, Tues 7:00 - meeting 8/21 Town&Country - Mixed league, Weds. 7:30 - meeting 8/22 Squaw League - Ladies - Thursdays 6:30 - meeting 8/23 Sunday Night Mixed - Mixed league - Sundays. 6:30 - meeting 8/26 Gutter Dusters - Mixed league - Mondays 7:00 - meeting 8/27 The Bantam Prep and Jr.-Sr. Youth Leagues bowl Saturdays at 9:00. Registration for those leagues will be Friday and Saturday evening, 8/24 and 8/25, from 6:30-7:30 at the Alleys. Feel Free to share!!!! 

Thanks Suzan for gathering this information and writing it!

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Photo credits - Maddie Kirchner

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