May 21, 2015

Congratulations to all who achieved All Star Teams, Bowler of the Year, and Local Tournament winners!  


MIXED DOUBLES TOURNAMENT  Paul & Vicki Corbin                                  1500

WBA City Tournament                                           BA City Tournament

Champion Team                                                        Champion Team 

Jason Smith Plumbing                            3630          M2K Glass                                                  3676

Brittany Hinkle                                                              Tony Canby

Cathy Hinkle                                                                  Sean Moore

Cindy Ruth                                                                     Jeff Lorenz

June Schutte                                                                  Meachelle Kirchner

Lillian Bloom                                                                 Kevin Kirchner

Doubles                                                                          Doubles

Amanda Reynold/Tammy Barr                1542        Meachelle Kirchner/Tony Canby          1572

Singles                                                                            Singles

Jerry Lynn Bloom                                        783         Kyle Boeding                                             821

All Events Handicap                                                 All Events Handicap

Amanda Reynolds                                     2355        Tony Canby                                                 2449

All Events Scratch                                                     All Events Scratch                 

Cheryl Bloom                                              2002        Tony Canby                                                 2179


WBA Hall of Fame                                                    BA Hall of Fame

No nomination                                                            Daniel Ruth

                                                                                       Bob Sizemore

 All Star Team                                   

Tammy Barr              Cheryl Bloom                                                                                 

Jerry Lynn Bloom Tony Canby                               Bowler of the Year 

Kevin Kirchner      Troy Mears                                 Daniel Ruth

Daniel Ruth             Verne Schmitt                           

Sue Strothman         Chris Williams                        


Youth All Star Team

Bantam-Prep                          Junior-Senior

Hunter Williams                      Jacque Gerleman

Jalyn Gerleman                       Maddie Kirchner

Addison McGehearty            Brock Palar

Joseph Tousignant                 Cameron Sammons

                                                 Chelsea Sammons


2014-15 Youth High Scores

                                                      Bantam Prep League                        Jr. Sr. League

Boy High Game                      Hunter Williams    140                             Clayton Sammons  266

Boys High Series                    Hunter Williams    342                             Cameron Sammons 694

Boys High Average                Joseph Tousignant  78                             Brock Palar              190


Girls High Game                   Jalyn Gerleman       138                             Chelsea Sammons   259

Girls High Series                   Jalyn Gerleman       318                             Chelsea Sammons   624

Girls High Average               Jalyn Gerleman         75                             Chelsea Sammons   175


Bob Russell Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Hunter Williams    Maddie Kirchner


Mt. Pleasant USBC Association Scholarship

Brock Palar


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