The original bowling establishment in Mt. Pleasant was opened in 1955 by Carl and Irene Burky. It was an 8 lane house with semi-automatic pin setters. Pin Boys put the pins in the pin setters and lowered it by hand until automatic pin setters were installed after a couple of years. The bowling alley was located uptown at the current location of the Mt. Pleasant News.

    On April 26, 1958 the organizational meeting of the City Bowling Association was held in the City Hall meeting room and was open to all present. The Summer League was organized and it was decided another meeting would be held within ten days. Members of the Fairfield Bowling Association would be invited to help organize the City Association and obtain American Bowling Congress sanction.

    May 5, 1958 another meeting was held with thirty local bowlers and four members of the Fairfield Association in attendance. Officers of the Mt. Pleasant Association were elected: Max Stith, President; Bob McClure, Vice President; Bob Coughlan, Secretary; Jerry Beavers, Treasurer. After discussion the Association, with the recommendation of the Fairfield guests, voted to give the Secretary $75 per bowling season. The city charter was formed and the Secretary was instructed to submit it to the American Bowling Congress. The Secretary of the Fairfield Association measured the lanes and sent the information to the American Bowling Congress for their approval.

    June 4, 1958 the Summer League started and the first sanctioned bowling in Mt. Pleasant began.

   The first meeting to organize the Association City Tournament was held on January 10, 1959. Tournament dates were set for March 14 & 15 for Team Event and March 21 & 22 for Singles and Doubles.

    Ed and Jo Pooch purchased the lanes from the Burky’s on October 1, 1960. They moved the lanes from uptown to its current location on Iris Road in 1964, expanding from 8 to 12 lanes.

    In 1964 youth bowling began in Mt. Pleasant. On September 13, 1965 the Junior Bowling Association was formed.

    Dean and Dyle Morrison purchased the lanes from the Burky’s on March 1, 1972. The lanes were expanded to 16 before the beginning of the 1973-1974 bowling season.

    February 15, 1974 saw Dick and Mark Overton purchasing the lanes from the Morrison’s. Mark Overton is the current proprietor today.

Thanks to Richard Arbogast for History Compilation.  

The Mt. Pleasant USBC Association, Inc. is a merged Association as of 2006.  This Association is charted by the USBC and its Association number is 81738.  Membership of the Mt. Pleasant USBC Association, Inc. currently stands at 316 as of May 2012.  The Association may be reached by calling Iris Bowling Center at 319-385-8735 or by emailing the Assoc. Manager at manager_mtpbowling@yahoo.com  or the Assoc. President president_mtpbowling@hotmail.com.  Any contributions to the website by the local membership are welcome and can be submitted to the Webmaster.



Vision Statement

The Vision of the Mt Pleasant USBC Association is to add growth to the Sport of Bowling in both our Adult and Youth programs.



Mission Statement

The Mt. Pleasant USBC Association ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport of bowling. To provide programs and service to expand the sport and to enhance the experience of bowling here in Mt. Pleasant and whereever we may be bowling.

Provided by the USBC and contributed by Verne Schmitt

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